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Ant Control

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Ants play a very important role in our ecosystem as decomposers. There are about 700 different ant species in the U.S. and about ten different ant species in the East that we see invade interior spaces frequently. While they share many of the same social insect traits, each species has its unique characteristics. It’s for this reason that in order to push ant pressures back into nature where they belong, a prescription treatment and plan is necessary. Controlling ants can be especially difficult depending on the type of ant infestation in your home or business. Therefore, a professional ant inspection is always recommended to identify what kind of ant colony is pestering you and to determine the best treatment option.

Our Ant Control Plan

What may seem like an infestation of ants is literally only a small fraction of the entire colony.

Once a pheromone trail is established, an ant nuisance can turn into major pest problem quickly. Some ants can even cause structural damage, like carpenter ants.

  • Inspection Our team of technicians will thoroughly inspect your home or business as well as your landscaping and lawn for signs of an ant infestation. Each ant inspection includes the prompt arrival of a professional and uniformed technician, followed by a complete inspection of your property to identify ants and to find the areas where they could be hiding.
  • Identification and Detection The first part of the service is a detailed inspection of all areas in your home with present or suspected roach activity. Your technician will inspect your home and focus on areas where roaches tend to congregate, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.
    After the inspection, your technician will apply a customized treatment to the areas in your home with suspected or confirmed roach activity.
  • Treatment Treatments can vary depending on the type of ant infestation, season, weather and the specific location where the treatment is going to be applied. Typically, our technicians will apply a liquid, bait or granular product to effectively rid your home of ants. At Bokey Services, Inc. we also offer eco friendly green ant treatment options, including botanical-based sprays and baits. Our ant exterminators will first talk with you to discuss which type of ant treatment would be most effective for your situation.

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Because different ant species are attracted to different things, there are many different prescription products for controlling specific species of ants. Our service professionals are highly trained and skilled to identify the species and prescribe the best solution for an effective, long-lasting solution.

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